ICSE 2019 English 1 Practice Paper 111217

ICSE 2019 English 1 Practice Paper 111217



(Two hours)

Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately.

You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes.

This time is to be spent in reading the question paper.

The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.

Attempt all five questions.

The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [].

You are advised to spend not more than 30 minutes in answering Question 1

and 20 minutes in answering Question 2.

Question 1

(Do not spend more than 35 minutes on this question.)

Write a composition (300 – 350 words) on any one of the following:                                [20]

  • Write an account of a street quarrel that arose as a result of the narrow-minded and intolerant attitude of a person or a group of people. Describe how it started, how it led to blows and eventually ended in the destruction of property; who were the most affected and how it was finally resolved.
  • ‘The modern man is too dependent on computers’. Express your views either for or against the statement.
  • School life is full of ups and downs. Describe some of the happy and some of the sad moments of your ten years of school life.
  • Write a short story in which the conclusion has the following proverb: “A stitch in time saves nine.”
  • Study the picture given below. Write a story or a description or an account of what it suggests to you. Your composition may be about the subject of the picture or you may take suggestions from it; however, there must be a clear connection between the picture and your composition.


Question 2

(Do not spend more than 20 minutes on this question.)                                                        [10]

Select one of the following:

  • You have won the award for the best student in your school. Write a letter to a friend giving details of the award, the award ceremony and the celebration that followed
  • In the city where you are residing, tonnes of plastic waste are generated every day and dumped in a corner of the city. The accumulation of the waste looking like a huge mountain from a distance has become a menace. Write a letter to the Mayor of your city complaining about this grave issue which requires urgent attention.

Question 3                                                                                                                           [5+5]

  • You are the Head Boy/ Head Girl of your school. Draft a notice to be put up on the Notice Board, asking the students of classes VIII to IX to submit their names for an educational tour to Birla Planetarium in Hyderabad which is being organised by your school during the Christmas holidays. Give all the necessary details.
  • A hundred students have expressed their desire to come for the tour mentioned in Question 3(a). Write an email to two or three travel agencies, enquiring about the cost and other necessary information for the tour.

Question 4

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

The hostess told James that there was not another house within three miles and that she could accommodate him with a bed, and his horse with lodging and oats. He thanked Heaven for his good fortune in stumbling upon this homely habitation, and determined to pass the night under the protection of the old cottager. She told him that her husband, who was a farmer, had gone to next town to dispose of his merchandise, and in all probability, would not return till next morning. James sounded the old woman with a thousand artful interrogations, and she answered with such appearance of truth and simplicity that he felt that he was quite safe there. After he had his supper, the woman conducted him into the chamber where she proposed that he should take his rest. He seemed extremely satisfied with his lodging, which in reality exceeded his expectations. Cautioning him against letting the candle approach the straw, the kindly landlady took her leave and locked the door from the outside.
James` experiences had taught him to be suspicious and ever on his guard against the treachery of his fellow-creatures, so he was suspicious of this instance of her care in confining her guest to his chamber, and began to be seized with strange fancies. He observed that there was no bolt on the inside of the door by which he might secure himself from intrusion. Consequently, he began to take a survey of every object in the apartment, and, in the course of his enquiry, was shocked to find the dead body of a man, still warm.

Such a discovery filled our hero with horror, for he concluded that he himself would undergo the same fate before morning. In the first moments of his fear, he ran to the window, with a view to escaping by that outlet, but found his flight effectually obstructed by strong bars. Then his heart began to palpitate, and his knees began to totter; his mind filled with thoughts of death and he immediately resolved to take measures for his own safety.He undressed the corpse that lay bleeding amidst the straw and deposited it on the bed in the attitude of a person who sleeps at his ease. He extinguished the light and took possession of the place from where the dead body had been removed. Then holding a loaded pistol in each hand, he waited expectantly. About midnight the door was softly opened; he saw the shadow of the two men stalking towards the bed. When they reached it, one of them thrust a dagger into the heart of the corpse. The stroke was repeated and the assassins, concluding that the work was effectually done, retired for the present, with a design to rob the deceased at their leisure.

  • Give the meaning of each of the following words as used in the passage. One word answers or short phrases will be accepted.                  [3]
  • conducted
  • corpse
  • stalking


  • Answer the following questions briefly, in your own words.
  • James deemed himself fortunate to get accommodation in the cottage that night. Why? [2]
  • What information did the landlady give James about her husband?                               [2]
  • Against what did the lady caution James?                                                           [1]
  • What did James do after the landlady left the room?       [2]
  • Why did he try to escape from the chamber?                                          [2]
  • In not more than 50 words, describe what James did on seeing the corpse.    [8]

Question 5

  • Fill in each of the numbered blanks with the correct form of the word given in brackets.                                                                                                                 [4]

Do not copy the passage but write in correct serial order the word or phrase appropriate to the blank space.


 I ______ (0) (hire) a taxi as I missed the bus.

Answer: hired.

An American gentleman got into a taxi and asked to be ______ (1) (take) up to the parrot forests. The taxi driver ______ (2) (become) suspicious for some reason best ______ (3) (know) to himself and was convinced that the man ______ (4) (be) up to no good. Dutifully, however, he ______ (5) (drive) the unsuspecting American up into the forest to a place where he might conceivably see parrots and left him, ______ (6) (promise) to return some hours later. Then he ______ (7) (drive) as fast as he ______ (8) (can) to the nearest telephone and got in touch with the Forestry Department.

  • Fill in each blank with an appropriate word:                                                              [4]
  •  He overheard a private conversation ______ two ministers.
  •  Jim had an argument ______ his boss yesterday.
  •     The fire-fighters struggled to put ______ the fire.
  •  Do you believe ______ life after death?
  •  I met my friend while I was travelling ______ the train.
  •  She enjoys walking ______ the rain.
  • The child succeeded ______ solving the problem.
  • My brother congratulated me ______ my excellent performance.
  • Join the following sentences to make one complete sentence without using and, but or so.                                                                                                                                       [4]
  • The storm subsided. We began our march again.
  • We had no money. We had to walk home.
  • She was angry. She couldn`t help smiling.
  • Hurry up. You will miss the train.
  • Re-write the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Make other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of each sentence. [8]
  • As soon as she was scolded, she burst into tears.

     (Begin: No sooner………………………..)

  • Vincent said to Rony, “Let`s send the child to the poorhouse.”

    (Change into Reported Speech)

  •   The case is too urgent to be postponed any longer.

   (Begin: The case is so ………………………..)

  • The boy did not utter a word.

    (End: ……………………….. the boy.)

  •   They not only looted the shop but also they set fire to it.

    (Begin: Besides ………………………..)

  • He agreed to our plan only after a long argument.

    (Begin: It was ………………………..)

  • She would have drowned if I had not intervened.

     (Begin: But ………………………..)

  • Although she is only twenty-two years old, she is a highly successful businesswoman.

    (Begin: Despite ………………………..)

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