English 1: Grammar and Composition Practice 1 Answers

English 1: Grammar and Composition Practice 1 Answers

Question 1

Write an application in response to the advertisement given below:                                    Format: Formal

  1. Response to advertisement dated…….. (name of the newspaper)
  2. Introduction: Name and essential details such as age, place, and so on.
  3. Applying for Part-Time Salesperson. Name of the Home Appliance Company.
  4. Name of the discipline, year, percentage/ marks obtained.
  5. Fluency in English.
  6. Copies of Certificates enclosed.
  7. Request to consider the application.

Question 2

Re-write the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Make other changes that may be necessary, but do not change the meaning of each.

  1. Never (before) has he done such a stupid mistake.
  2. I advised John to consult a doctor.
  3. The player’s decision to retire saddened the fans.
  4. Do you exercise daily as I do?
  5. Who substituted the broken umbrella for a good one?
  6. People say that Camilla has been a diplomat.
  7. Anoushka wishes that she had studied regularly.
  8. Despite being rich, Job is not unsympathetic towards the needy.
  9. Jolly wished that she might win the lottery.
  10. Had he not injured his foot, he would have won the race.

Question 3

Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition.

  1. He has a passion for reading detective stories.
  2. I congratulated him on his success.
  3. He was so amusing that all laughed at him
  4. I ran into Graham in the restaurant.
  5. The book consists of 21 chapters.