Format of an Email

Format of an Email

To:          Use a complete probable email id

(For example,

Subject:                 (The subject should be suitable to the given topic)




Opening sentence

Content                Message                                                                                                                                                Closing sentence

Subscription    Full Name/Designation

When writing an Official Email, the following points should be noted

@    Use a formal tone or style

@    Convey the message in clear and simple language

@    Avoid short forms such as LOL/ ROFL or SMS vocabulary and spelling like u r gr8

@    Follow the conventional rules of punctuation

@    Use of Capital Letters carefully

(In general, writing a word all in Capital Letters is considered rude)

@    Follow the of Netiquette


Netiquette is a term used to indicate Internet etiquette, courtesy and consideration for others using shared services, mailing lists, and so on.